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Orange County Construction Accident Attorneys

You’ve been working construction jobs for years. It’s extremely hard work, but the pay is good and you’re making the most of it to feed and support your family. There are some mornings when you dread reporting to the construction site and others that are not so bad. You understand that there are risks associated with this type of work, but you willingly face them because people depend on you. Sadly, your luck ran out recently when you were badly injured in a construction accident, and you suddenly find yourself unable to do much of anything. When you don’t work, you don’t get paid, and when you don’t get paid, the situation quickly deteriorates.

How do you start to make things right? You may never be able to work again as you did before. You may never overcome the dread that you already feel even when thinking about walking onto a construction site. You’re worried that even if you do heal completely, you may have trouble getting hired in the future because you now have a history of serious workplace injury. You need to make sure that you tackle these concerns and others with the help of the construction accident lawyers at Montevideo Law as soon as possible. Contact the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Where Do You Start?

As you lay in a hospital bed or you’re confined to your home immobilized, you’re almost a prisoner to your own thoughts. Everyone else around you is still going about their daily routines for the most part, except that your loved ones make time to help you. That’s not a good feeling for anyone, but you appreciate the help and concern all the same. You’d do just about anything to get back on your feet as soon as possible and start helping everyone else instead of it being the other way around.
Your thoughts tend to turn darker and become more troubling, particularly during those quiet moments when you’re the only one home and you can’t stand looking at the television or the internet for one more second. Our team of construction accident lawyers at Montevideo Law has helped many people deal with these challenges, and we’ve heard a lot of these questions. Below you may find one or more that sound familiar:

  • Is this a workers’ compensation situation, or is there some other way to recover my losses?
  • How do I prove what happened?
  • Who’s going to pay all of these medical bills?
  • I’m falling behind on my monthly obligations. How do I fix that as soon as possible?
  • Should I just settle with this insurance company person who’s contacting me?
  • When, if ever, will I be able to help support my family again?
  • Will I ever get past the excruciating pain I’m feeling right now?
  • What if I’m nothing but a burden for the rest of my life?
  • Is there anyone out there who can help me

The answer to the last question is yes, and the construction accident lawyers at Montevideo Law can help you find answers to the others that continue to haunt your thoughts.

Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Law?

One of the questions you’re likely asking involves whether or not you should pursue a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. What you should do before deciding on a course of action is speak to a construction accident attorney. There are several factors that could be relevant with regards to which type of law will govern your situation, but the most important one concerns fault. If someone or something was at fault for the injuries you suffered, meaning the person, people or company was negligent or worse, you may want to pursue a personal injury claim. Such a claim will provide you with the opportunity for a higher level of recovery. However, much will depend on the facts of your situation.

You Are Not Alone

You should be aware that as you face this extremely difficult time, you are far from alone. You are probably already aware that more people are injured while performing construction work than any other industry, but you may not be fully aware of the numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 the following number of people suffered through construction site injuries in California alone:

  • Total injuries – 21,200
  • Injuries leading to days away from work – 8,900
  • Injuries leading to a job transfer or restriction – 5,400

That means that more than 58 people were injured on construction sites every single calendar day in 2015 in California. If it’s broken down by workday, more than 100 people were injured every single time people reported to work in the state.

Make Some Decisions With Legal Help

One of the most real aspects of your situation is that you need to make some decisions relatively quickly with regards to how you’re going to proceed. You need to get things moving so that you can give yourself the best opportunity to obtain a justified recovery that will help you with your expenses and your losses. The longer you wait, the more difficult your situation tends to become, as evidence becomes less reliable as does the memory of any witnesses.

In order to avoid this result, you need to simply contact a construction accident lawyer at Montevideo Law as soon as possible. The firm offers a free initial consultation to those who feel they have been wrongly injured. Therefore, you have nothing more to lose than what you have already been forced to face because of the negligence of the person or people who injured you. You need to decide how to proceed with a foundation of knowledge and perspective. Contact Montevideo Law to obtain that immediately.