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Orange County Defective Products Attorney

When you pay good money for consumer products, you expect that they will work properly and perform to your reasonable expectations. While you understand that there are times when a product doesn’t function as it’s supposed to, you have every reason to believe that a consumer product will not put your health or even your life in danger. When you turn on a small appliance or use a tool for cleaning your yard or even turn on a television, the last thing you expect is that you could be badly hurt. Sadly, if you have been harmed or even lost a loved one in this manner, you’re one of the thousands who is forced to suffer through this struggle every year in the United States.

You likely know what to do when you discover that a product you bought is defective: you return it. Most people are not aware of what to do and what their legal rights and options are if a defective product harms them severely. You’re injured, you’re losing money, you’re unable to work, your medical bills are mounting and you’re not sure how to even begin to hold a large corporation accountable for its negligence. This only adds to your stress. The best thing you can do in this situation is to contact a defective products lawyer at Montevideo Law today to schedule a free initial consultation. You need to know more about your situation, as that alone will help alleviate some stress.

Possible Steps You Consider After Being Injured

You’ve been using a new product in your kitchen and it suddenly explodes, sending hot food particles and shards of glass and plastic into your face, neck, arms, and chest. You’re in severe pain and you suddenly find yourself in the hospital recovering from surgery. You can’t believe your situation, as all you did was purchase the product at a local department store, bring it home, plug it in and start using it in accordance with the instructions.
Below are some questions that may be running through your mind as you process all of this:

  • Did I do something wrong with the product?
  • Did I follow the instructions properly?
  • Should I contact the manufacturer to tell them about this?
  • Has anyone else been injured by this product?
  • Can I be compensated for my losses?
  • How do I go about recovering damages?
  • How much is this all going to cost?
  • How will I ever regain my self-image after having my face so badly disfigured?
  • Will I be able to endure the pain of surgery?
  • How will I even start managing all of this?

Regardless of the product that injured you, the aftermath of such a disaster can be overwhelming for anyone. If only you could just focus on your physical and emotional recovery and leave all of the legal red tape and other problems to someone else, your recovery would progress much more quickly… You can do just that if you contact a defective products lawyer at Montevideo Law today to schedule a free initial consultation. You don’t have to suffer silently or try to find your way through the maze that will lead you to a proper recovery of financial compensation. Your attorney can help do that for you.

Ways To Prove the Manufacturer Was at Fault

If you think that you have a potential case against the manufacturer of the product that injured you, there are two generally accepted legal theories that one can use to prove that the manufacturer is liable for the harm you suffered and therefore should pay damages. These two theories are as follows:
Manufacturing Defect – A manufacturing defect case basically argues that an error occurred while the product was being built. For instance, someone working on the assembly line may not have attached a component correctly or a machine malfunctioned and did not smooth out a sharp edge. Manufacturing defect cases argue that only that specific item is defective.

Design Defect – The other theory for proving that a product is defective is an argument that an error was made in the design room instead of on the manufacturing floor. In essence, this theory states that something relating to the design of the product line results in every one of these products becoming inherently dangerous.

If your defective products case goes to trial, you will likely need the help of expert witnesses who will be able to testify as to how the product that injured you is defective and how it fits into one of the theories above. The defense will almost certainly have at least one expert witness testifying on its behalf.

You Are Not Alone

You should also understand that you are far from alone as you face the difficult challenge of holding a large corporation accountable for your suffering and losses. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission tracks the number of people who are injured by consumer products every year. In 2015, the following number of people across the country were either hospitalized or even killed by the corresponding types of products:

  • Bicycles and Accessories – 42,772
  • Exercise and Exercise Equipment – 32,930
  • Clothing – 32,224
  • Beds, Mattresses, and Pillows – 105,396
  • Bathroom Structures and Fixtures – 69,032

If you’d like to read the CPSC’s entire breakdown, you can find it right here. Too many people are seriously injured or killed every year in the United States alone for you to think that this was something for which you are responsible.

Reach Out To an Irvine Defective Products Lawyer Skilled Legal Help

As mentioned above, defective products cases are difficult for several reasons, and you are already facing an extremely difficult challenge with regards to overcoming your physical pain and suffering. If you’d like to learn more about your legal rights and options so that you can proceed with a foundation of knowledge, contact an Orange County defective products lawyer at Montevideo Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.